OEM/Subcontract/Outsourcing Service

Ren Thang provide instant outsourcing processing service / OEM for our customers, who have small batch of DIP forming assemblies. Please give us your forming spec., volume, and lead time for OEM quote. The customized die set fee is the must sink fee beside of the processing fee for the first time. If the same spec. is ordered in the next time, then we only charge the processing fee (unit: 1,000 pcs)

Services: Lead Forming

Assembly of printed circuit boards, whether manual or automated, through-hole or surface mount, requires components “prepped” and ready for assembly.

Ren Thang’s creative approach to solving assembly problems for over 30 years has enabled us to build an extensive array of equipment and tooling for forming leads of all kinds:

  • Surface mount leads
  • Through-hole to surface mount conversion
  • Radial leads
  • Axial leads
  • TO-92 / TO-220 / TO-247 / TOP-3 devices
  • All types of components, including integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes and LEDs