SMT Production Equipment
        Semiautomatic Stencil Printer >> Product No. : STP-550  


  • Special design printing machine for lead free and new style component.
  • When the stencil separate with PC board using vertical lift up function.
  • It could keep clean the surface of the PC board.
  • Suitable for fine pitch layout printing.
  • Flexible doubleSide board fixed base.Adjustable down ward pressure valve.
  • Button switch operation, Automatic control cylinder frame up and down, twin cylinder control metal squeegee.
  • Fix the pressand angle. Printing direction from left to right. Single or doubleside PC board printing are available.

  • Suitable frame: Max. 24"x24"(600 x 600mm)
  • Max.PCB: 20"x16''(500 x400mm)
  • Printing area: 14"x17" (356x430mm)
  • Repeatability:0.008mm
  • Length of squeegee:9" (228mm) , Optional Squeegee: 12", 14", 16" , 17"
  • Size:840 x 920x250mm
  • Weight:60Kg