SMT Production Equipment
        Bench-top Lead Free Reflow Oven >> Product No. : RTU-380  


  • N2 Retrofit : N2 flow rate can control by a N2 Flow Meter, Range from 0-25 M3/Min.(1 LPM = 28 lit/Min), N2 will help to reduce oxidation during reflow process.
  • Amp Meter : During power on Oven max. surge is 15Amp, and when under normal running condition consume only 6.2 °V8 Amp.
  • The upper and bottom heating panel are control by separate controller and the temp. setting can be set individually.
  • During Power on until ready to use, The oven takes about 25 min.
  • Temperature Control Function: (1)It control by two separate controller with Fuzzy Control.
  • (2) By using PID Micro Computer Controller, The Computer can control for temperature setting and using for measuring temperature profile.
  • (3) The °•Smart°¶ type temperature Controller can be easily use to monitor the working area temperature, auto run, auto set PID Value and temperature setting. Temperature Adjustment 0.5% FS + 1 digit.

  • Size: 85cm-(L),28cm-(W),28cm(H)
  • Voltage : 220V /AC /50/60Hz
  • Power : 3200Watts
  • Weight : 40 Kg
  • Reflow Area : 155 x 155 mm
  • Temperature Setting Range : 28 °V420 Degree Celsius.
  • Tempreture Accuracy : 0.1 Degree Celcius