Twin Sides PCB Insertion Conveyor >> Product No. : ICV-3T  


  • 3 Meter as a Unit.
  • The width of frame is a adjustable according to the size of basic plat.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Flexible for working spaces.

  • 1200 (W) * 750 (H) * 3000(L) mm/ 1 UNIT
  • Direction:Double side process (Face the machine) from left to right ( Please kindly confirm the direction upon the order)
  • Power set: 40W* US 540-402 * 220V * single phase (VGS) V=0.5~2.5M /Min.
  • Body structure: the Aluminum pushes
  • Conveyor chain, Fluorescent Lamp, Instruction Holder, Anti-static Wire, Shelf and plug sockets are provided.
  • Electrical Power and air pressure should be arranged by end users themselves.
  • Twin Insertion conveyor is available.